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May 15, 2004

I don’t know why anyone would want to write a blog. The simple and perhaps simplistic answer is that its for one’s vanity. I start off in hopes of a better answer.

The first experiences are weird.

I don’t need a pseudonym. I am perfectly happy with my own name. I don’t have proclivities that induce people to adopt assumed names so as to prevent embarrasment or social censure in real life. Still, I don’t have my own name on this blog. Because, someone already owns it. In fact, all variants of it that I have tolerated over 25 years. Its weird because yahoo allows some of these variants. So, is blogging bigger than yahoo already? I put a question to the Human Machine Interface in frustration and voila, I have a new net identity! In my rage I even forgot the question-mark!!

Why should I give ONE name to a log which is to contain all my thoughts? Why should I limit my thoughts to just one subject? But a name has to be given to this experiment. Hence, the hypothesis which I suspect to be wrong has become the name.

Should I expect this blog to continue beyond this day? I have attempted writing a diary in past. Mostly because many great people are supposed to have kept one. However, my shots at greatness never lasted for more than a few days at a time. Why should this be any different? I am similarly recording my thoughts. Style remains the same: disjointed. Still, I feel some responsibility towards my blog which I never did for a diary. I never expected anyone to read my diary in my lifetime but a blog can be read immediately after I hit “Publish”. I am actually reviewing and revising my sentences more carefully than the reports that i send to my boss! Let me see when I return to this page.


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