Re-org:New Blogs

I haven’t really blogged but I would start now and start big! There is a new blog on my culinary adventures . I expect this to be my most frequently updated blog. There will soon be another blog on my musings on the technology world. Vanity… will continue to be my center point for random musings.

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  1. Read your comments.I’m afraid you misinterpreted me just because i threw up some statistics.My only point was about those people who fly to other countries and dont give back anything in return to the nation.i personally feel that such people are highly unpatriotic.
    Just because i am asking an IIM guy to stay back doesnt mean that i am relieving myself from any responsibility.everyone is the same here,but since people from those institutes are supposedly brighter lot, i personally think that they should be active in giving something back to teh country.Not just financially..but even intellectual capital.Students from these elite school nurture brilliant ideas but lack the proper support from the government.I guess,now, with the quota regime,they will give up completely.Cant blame them too, since i myself am giving up on these governments and politicians.Still, it does pinch somewhere that nobody is able to do is frustrating sometimes and my blog is one of such frustrations.i see your point.but i have a point too.–>

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