First Impressions – Hyderabad House

Its not easy to get Haleem except for places that specialise in Hyderabadi/Nizami cuisine. So when I saw a Hyderabad House in front of Forum, I was thrilled. I used to visit the one in Versova in Mumbai but it closed down some time back.

First shock: Haleem is served only on sunday. Nothing available except for Biryani.
Second shock: “But Sir, you ordered chicken Biryani!”
Third Shock: Mutton Biryani was nothing like Hyderabadi biryani!!

In all, first impression is the last impression.


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  1. Hyderabad House, in Hyderabad serves a decent Hyderabadi Biryani.

    Subtle flavours, low spice, the meat is not layered with the rice, very little oil and soft, thoroughly cooked lamb.

    Standards have fallen somewhat but I still respect this chain for making this food accessible.

    What is considered a Hyderabadi Biryani is debatable, I’m only describing the biryani of old. Of-late Hyderabad has seen a profusion of High Spice variants where the meat and rice cook separately and are folded together before serving. You’ll notice that the meat has a thick kind of gravy in it.

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