ICICI Bank – Moving with the times

Another personal anecdote from BlogCamp:
Two bloggers were contacted by ICICI bank after they cribbed about the bank’s service on their blogs. The anecdotes invited laughter. However, I was left wondering about my own employer. Don’t think we are that media savvy. Yet.

Kudos to ICICI bank certainly.

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  1. I had very bad experience of ICICI bank when I wanted Personnel loan. However when I applied for Housing Loan it was a pleasant surprise. Today I have dream home only because of ICICI.

    Thanks ICICI without you, buying home was immpossible.

  2. I do not understand what all this fuss is about, we must give due credit to ICIC for changing the way banking is done in our country.
    Thanks to ICICI most of us are able to afford a home, car etc…

    Cheers ICICI, look forward to more

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