Jet: The response

January 20, 2007

Jet’s response was slow in coming. Probably too involved with the abortive Sahara acquisition. When they did, it was essentially gap filling:
1. In flight entertainment introduced in selected flights. I haven’t been on such a flight so no direct evidence. However, I’ve heard that its switched off the minute the landing announcement is made unlike KF where at least the audio channels continue even after landing!
2. premium treatment for the “super-platinum” customers. These are typically CXOs. jet treats them differently by marking them “MAAS” which stands for meet and assist. These people are met by an air hostess from the time they check-in to the time they enter the plane and then from the time dis-embarkation to time one leaves the terminal. These people engage you in a conversation while a porter carries your luggage.
3. The variety of food has increased in Jet’s first class.

So has jet’s response been inadequate? Or does its response say: I don’t care?

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