The most thought provoking talk from TEDx Mumbai

April 25, 2010

I had the good fortune of attending the TEDx Mumbai earlier this month. The organisers did a fantastic job of curating the show. So much so that some people commented that TEDx Mumbai outdid the TED India at Mysore! While I wasn’t at the TED, I absolutely loved some of the talks at TEDx. Here is the video of the talk I found most thought provoking. Dhanashree raises a few deep questions and then moves on to demystify music in a way that made me feel that even I could understand music.

I came back with the following questions/thoughts:

  1. Why do we all across different cultures, ages, religions, regions etc love music and dancing?
  2. What makes each music different? Dhanashree asks this questions herself and responds that “its the treatment”. I wonder “the treatment” is completely explained by languages and philosophies or is there more to it?
  3. Music is universal but languages different. Why?
  4. Reminds me also of the Tower of Babel and Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash

These questions and thoughts are also interlinked with another great talk at TEDx Mumbai by Prof Ganesh Devy. He says a way of life dies with the death of a language.

Thank you TEDx Mumbai for thoughts worth spreading.

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