Interesting Reads – 25 June 2010

June 25, 2010

Reading at Seattle Library on Tetris Chairs

Economics and Finance

The Long Now of Finance update. An ongoing attempt to see what the world of finance be in 10,000 years from now.

Making it fun to save. A very interesting idea to enable savings products on top of the usual no frills account that financial inclusion typically provides.

The average credit rating for corporation has fallen in last 30 years. This mirrors the rise of Private equity, Hedge funds and LBOs. This also means that premium for a higher credit rating should be higher than before. In other words, while the average has worsened, the standards for good vs bad haven’t.


Bank in a Box. A very good summary of the business and operations models on offer in today’s core banking software market


Celent’s selection of Financial Technology Start ups.

Start ups from the Mobile Breakfast event


Apple’s people centric design

Social Media

How many times should one tweet one’s post. Good post and discussion


A more reliable invisibility cloak. Remember Harry Potter?

Research shows that memory improves while walking.

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