Review: Manifesto of the Communist Party

Manifesto of the Communist PartyManifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got interested in this book because Dalai Lama’s own favorable ¬†experiences with communism as per his autobiography. I am glad that I read it.

Its not easy to read as the sentence constructs and contexts are not familiar. Still, it builds a very good picture of class struggle. One could look at some of the struggles today; say that of Naxals, and find a lot of similarities. No wonder that even today a lot of people turn to this and other books of communism. One can also see its ideas resonating for a large number of people and why it could form a bedrock for revolutions.

While it does bring a strong case for the proletariat and their problems, the picture remains simplistic. One important part that it ignores is the role of technology in economic evolution. Its prescriptions for a solution are not detailed and not examined against practical realities. Its no wonder that many of the countries following this model have had to rethink.

Overall, I love this book for its description of class struggles. Also, it remains a benchmark of political argument that stirs souls. A must read for anyone interested in people, societies and change. Avoidable if you are looking for deep economic analysis or assessment.

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