Gypsy’s trail back

October 30, 2005

Its certainly been LONG since I posted last! A no of things have changed since then not least of which is my job but what I want to focus on here is what I have learnt about blogging.

Blogging certainly is big. The close match between demand and supply of content provided by Blogs is unmatched. What is also very interesting is the creation of communities and the thought leaders. Some people have been publishing very regularly to make sure that they reach and retain the Guru position in their communities. But there is seldom one guru. So it leads to an interesting situation where one has to keep tabs on what others are saying and to respond to it in a simple yes/no or give an interesting perspective on it. This crunches the cycle time for any new thing to reach a height/rejection. Examples: AJAX, Web 2.0, Long tail etc. It probably also reduces the time for a new thing to cross over to mainstream as “mainstream” takes cognizance of noise being made by “those in the know”. Its also very interesting how some other topics do not get that much attention from the community as a whole. Maybe because

  1. the traditional methods of marketing still dominate?
  2. the audience is not in the blogosphere?
  3. Subject too complicated for a unanimous opinion to be reached?

This is something that I’ll keep coming back to at later points.

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