MoMo Bangalore

August 28, 2006

It was great fun to attend the MoMo Bangalore. Rishit had an excellent presentation on VAS. He covered the intricacies of the VAS space with respect to GSM, reliance and others. It was great because he covered things in great details and had data to to share. The key take away was that big opportunity lies in reaching the B&W low cost handsets that comprise the rural/semi-urban users. I know its not a great insight but the detailed discussion made it an inescapable fact.

The greater fun was the interaction. This is how a unconference should be. We had a conversation!

The mixing post the talk was good too. It was a lot better than Delhi as there were entrepreneurs everywhere. And there was huge qualitative difference. The entrepreneurs here had feet on ground and knew the stuff they were talking about rather than just unending optimism. Gives me a lot of confidence about India spawning start-ups and about us building a silicon valley like ecosystem here.

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