DevCamp Bangalore 1

February 9, 2008

Just left DevCamp Bangalore 1. Its another offshoot to the Barcamp movement that is sweeping across India. As Sidu put it at the begining, there have been many focussed *Camps but not a Devcamp yet, so here it is. I thought it was quite appropriate that it happened at Thoughtworks where we had revived Barcamp Bangalore with BCB2. I too spoke a bit about Kickstart and the upcoming Startup Saturdays.

While I couldn’t stay at the camp the whole day (I’m in the plane waiting for the flight to take off), it already felt like a great camp. Content is good. I liked participating in the “Is facebook an Enterprise App” slot. We didn’t reach any conclusions but was nice to be hearing from Martin Fowler himself on this. He stayed away from most of the things but did comment that “enterprise grade” tends to be more of a marketing statement than anything else. Sadly, our time came to end just as we were warming up.

I missed Rajiv’s product launch. He caught me later and gave me the due lashing. Sounds like an interesting product to check out. Link to follow.

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