Recommended: Delhi Durbar

July 1, 2010

I finally picked up Krishan Partap Singh’s Delhi Durbar. Its the second book on my South Asian authors challenge. Once picked, it was difficult to put it down and I devoured the book late into a night in spite of a hectic schedule the next day. KPS (Krishan Partap Singh is such an mouthful of a name) again spins a very well paced yarn. The story again seems very authentic and again draws upon real life persona. However, unlike the last book Young Turks, there seem to be some small holes. Or maybe, I’m getting used to KPS’ craft and starting to see beyond what he wants a reader to see.

Read the book for a a very credible story of a behind the scene “fixer” who does the high value deals for India’s PM. The fixer is good and has the good fortune of inheriting from his father who was the best of the fixers. However, he is faced with situations and people that even he can’t stomach. Also, he has personal problems to deal with. This is his story of navigating the maze of India’s political sleaze and managing to win against the odds.

The protagonists from Young Turks also make an appearance here and there seems to be an implicit promise of everyone getting together in the last book of series.

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